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2023 Spring Semester (FS 2023)

DateTEAMSpeakerCommentsTopics                                                                                                      pdfzoom
24-Feb-2023IBMKostasfirst Friday: Schedule was not decided yet;
2nd Friday: Mauterndorf Winterschool
Shuttling an electron spin through a silicon quantum dot array
A.M.J. Zwerver , et. al., arXiv:2209.00920 
17-Mar-2023BaselRafael2 first Friday of March: March MeetingCryogenic hyperabrupt strontium titanate varactors for sensitive reflectometry of quantum dots
Rafael S. Eggli, Simon Svab, et.al., arXiv:2303.02933
14-April-2023IBMLisaHoliday the 07/04: (Karfreitag)Automated extraction of capacitive coupling for quantum dot systems
Joshua Ziegler, et. al., arXiv:2301.08654
5-May-2023BaselAldo Generation of a Single-Cycle Acoustic Pulse: A Scalable Solution for Transport in Single-Electron Circuits
J. Wang, et al., Phys Rev X 12, 031035 (2022)
2-Jun-2023IBMAlexei Parametric longitudinal coupling between a high-impedance superconducting resonator and a semiconductor quantum dot singlet-triplet spin qubit
C. G. L. Bøttcher, et. al, Nat Commun 13, 4773 (2022).
July/August 2023  Summer Break  link
1-Sep-2023BaselVera Coherent spin qubit shuttling through germanium quantum dots
Floor van Riggelen-Doelman, et. al. arXiv:2308.02406
6-Oct-2023IBMLeonardo Massai 

Automated long-range compensation of an rf quantum dot sensor
Joe Hickie, et. al. arXiv:2310.02135

3-Nov-2023BaselPierre   link

2022 Fall Semester (HS 2022)

31/10/2022Annual review NCCR Spin                                                                                                                      

Electron charge qubits on solid neon with 0.1 millisecond coherence time
X. Zhou, et al, arXiv:2210.12337

28/11/2022BaselDeepankarMicrowave engineering for semiconductor quantum dots in a cQED architecture
Nathan Holman, J. P. Dodson, L. F. Edge, et al. Appl. Phys. Lett. 117, 083502 (2020)
December 2022/ January 2023New Year/Winter Break    

2022 Spring Semester (FS 2022)

DateTeamSpeakerTopicLinkZoom Link
M 4/4/2022IBM   EoinAn electrically-driven single-atom `flip-flop' qubit
Rostyslav Savytskyy and al, arXiv:2202.04438
M 11/4/2022Zumbuhl group  Miguel

 Precision tomography of a three-qubit donor quantum processor in silicon,
M. T. Mądzik, et al., Nature 601, 348–353 (2022)

M 18/4/2022Easter Monday----
M 25/4/2022Sechselauten (Zurich holiday)----
M 2/5/2022IBM   KostasA shuttling-based two-qubit logic gate for linking distant silicon quantum processors
Akito Noiri, et. al, arXiv:2202.01357
M 16/5/2022Schoenenberger groupJann H Ungerer Probing the Variation of the Intervalley Tunnel Coupling in a Silicon Triple Quantum Dot
F. Borjans, et. al., PRX Quantum 2, 020309 (2021)
M 30/5/2022IBMLeonardoHigh fidelity state preparation, quantum control, and readout of an isotopically enriched silicon spin qubit
A. R. Mills, et al, arXiv:2204.09551
M 13/6/2022 Pontresinano Spin talk  
M 27/6/2022Zumbuhl group  Simon SNonlinear response and crosstalk of strongly driven silicon spin qubits
Brennan Undseth, et al, arXiv:2205.04905
M 11/7/2022Hofmann GroupEric Jutzi A singlet-triplet hole spin qubit in planar Ge
Daniel Jirovec , Andrea Hofmann, et al., Nat. Mater. 20, 1106–1112 (2021).
M 25/7/2022IBM   MicheleA silicon singlet–triplet qubit driven by spin-valley coupling
Ryan M. Jock, et. al. Nat Commun 13, 641 (2022).
M 8/8/2022Zumbuhl group  Simon GA new FDSOI spin qubit platform with 40nm effective control pitch
T. Bédécarrats et al. IEEE, 2021.
M 22/8/2022IBM   EoinStrong coupling between a photon and a hole spin in silicon Cécile X. Yu et al. arXiv:2206.14082
M 5/9/2022  Spin 5 conference  
M 19/9/2022Zumbuhl group  Andreas

Scalable on-chip multiplexing of low-noise silicon electron and hole quantum dots
Heorhii Bohuslavskyi , et. al., arXiv:2208.12131

M 3/10/2022IBM Bence Hetényi Fault-tolerant thresholds for the surface code in excess of 5% under biased noise
David K. Tuckett, et. al, arxiv.org:1907.02554
M 17/10/2022Zumbuhl group  TarasSingle-shot readout of a flopping-mode spin qubit in a Si-MOS quantum dot
Rui-Zi Hu, et. al., arXiv:2209.14531v1

2021 Fall Semester (HS 2021)

DateTEAMSpeakerTopicpdfZoom Link
Monday, September 27, 2021BaselLeonFast universal quantum control above the fault-tolerance threshold in silicon,
Akito Noiri, et al arxiv.org/abs/2108.02626
Monday, October 11, 2021IBMKostas

The spider-web array--a sparse spin qubit array
Jelmer M. Boter, et al., arXiv:2110.00189


Monday, October 25, 2021
Postponed to Monday, November 1, 2021

BaselSimon GBeating the thermal limit of qubit initialization with a Bayesian ‘Maxwell’s demon’
Mark A. I. Johnson, et. al., arXiv:2110.02046
Monday, November 8, 2021IBMMicheleDesigns for a two-dimensional Si quantum dot array with spin qubit addressability, Masahiro Tadokoro, et al, arXiv:2106.11124pdfLink
Monday, November 22, 2021BaselRafaelGate-reflectometry dispersive readout and coherent control of a spin qubit in silicon 
A. Crippa, et al.  Nature communications 10.1 (2019): 1-6
Monday, December 6, 2021IBMMatthias

Quantum Dot-Based Parametric Amplifiers,
Laurence Cochrane, et al, arXiv:2111.11825

Monday, December 20, 2021BaselFlorisLow-frequency spin qubit energy splitting noise in highly purified 28Si/SiGe
Tom Struck, et al., Struck, Tom, et al., npj Quantum Information 6.1 (2020): 1-7.
Monday, January 3, 2022-New year holiday --
Monday, January 17, 2022BaselAndreasA Flexible Design Platform for Si/SiGe Exchange-Only Qubits with Low Disorder,
Wonill Ha, et. al. Nano letters (2021).
Monday, January 31, 2022IBMNico

A single hole spin with enhanced coherence in natural silicon
N. Piot, et. al, arxiv:2201.08637

Monday, February 14, 2022BaselSimon S

On-demand electrical control of spin qubits,
Will Gilbert, et. al., arXiv:2201.06679

Monday, February 28, 2022IBMFelixUniversal control of a six-qubit quantum processor in silicon, Stephan G.J. Philips et al. arXiv:2202.09252pdfLink
Monday, March 14, 2022
Monday, March 7, 2022
BaselTaras  Link