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Research focuses on low-temperature quantum transport experiments investigating quantum coherence, electron and holes spins as well as nuclear spins and interactions in semiconductor nanostructures. Ongoing projects include

  • spin qubits (electrons, holes) in semiconductor nanostructures
    for quantum computing
    • Ge/Si nanowires gate defined dots
    • Si finFET transistors
    • Ge/Si planar gate defined dots
    • GaAs quantum dots
  • microkelvin temperatures in nano samples
    for quantum transport experiments
  • nanowires and 1D systems for novel quantum matter
    such as helical states, nuclear spin helices, Majorana fermions, parafermions and other exotic quantum phases
  • tunneling spectroscopy to probe edge states
    such as (fractional) quantum hall states and other edge states in exotic materials such as topological insulators
  • spin-orbit coupling in semiconductor quantum wells and wires
    in various materials and nanostructures, to study strong spin-orbit coupling and spin helix physics in quantum transport

See also the group's publications for recent recent and ongoing projects.

Experiments investigate quantum transport in semiconductor nanostructures which are fabricated in-house or in collaborations. Experiments are typically performed at kelvin or millikelvin temperatures in magnetic fields. Measurements are done using electronic low-noise techniques and may involve nanosecond-pulsing and microsecond readout schemes. An ERC Starting Grant from the first ERC call was awarded to our group and boosted our research from 2008-2013 (press release)

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