APS March Meeting 2024 Minneapolis


AI for Quantum Devices
Mon B18.01  Autonomous Tuning of Semiconductor-based Qubits Jonas Schuff (Oxford)

Tue G12.11 Beating-free quantum oscillations with strong spin-orbit and Zeeman interactions, Dominik Zumbühl

Ge/Si nanowire hole spin qubits
Tue G49.11 Sweet Spot Combining Qubit Coherence and Speed Miguel Carballido
Wed N46.03 The Dispersive Signature of Pauli Spin Blockade Rafael Eggli

Surface Acoustinc Waves
Tue K53.09 Coupling GaAs quantum devices to surface acoustic wave phonons Aldo Tarascio

Invited talks Q30: FIAP Prize Symposium
Wed Q30.04 Building Spin-Orbit Qubits with Holes in Silicon and Germanium Dominik Zumbühl

Thurs T08.07 Zero-field Coulomb blockade thermometers Renan Loreto (VTT)

Cryo probing
Fri W46.10 Fast cryogenic probing of quantum dot spin qubit devices Andreas Kuhlmann