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Expense Form

expense form (new 131127) xlsx
explanation pdf

Software, IT

how to set up a new PC pdf
group server login instructions pdf
How to link files in typo3 pdf
Adobe Acrobat Professional 9.0 pdf
SolidWorks, license gif, how to install pdf, UniBasel license server docu pdf
Wavemetrics Igor Pro 6.3 pdf, pdf
WinEdt 6/7/8 (10 licenses) jpg
Instructions for poster print pdf
Instructions for framed poster page 1page 2

Group Czars

Current group Czars pdf

Data Management and Availability

Data Management Plan pdf
How to upload manual (Zenodo) pdf


Agilent DMM 34410A/34411A pdf
Agilent Function Generator 33220A users guide pdf service guide pdf
Agilent DC Power Supply E3620A users & service guide pdf
Agilent Oscilloscope InfiniVision MSO6104A 1GHz 4GS/s 4 chan 16Mpts, data sheet pdf, users guide pdf, programmers guide pdf
Agilent Spectrum Analyzer E4407B (ESA-E), 100Hz - 26.5GHz, 160 dB, PO pdf, specs pdf, specs guide pdf, config guide pdf,
..get started pdf, manual vol 1 pdf, manual vol 2 pdf, measurement guide pdf, noise fig guide pdf,
Cryogenic SMS magnet power supplies pdf
DL / Ithaco Current Preamp 1211, spec sheet pdf noise specs info doc, doc, Voltage burden stability modification M103 pdf ,pdf
DL / Ithaco Voltage Preamp 1201, spec sheet pdf
Femto DLPCA-200 variable gain current preamp, spec sheet pdf
HP 3561A spectrum analyzer op. man. pdf service man. pdf
Keithley 2182A Nanovoltmeter, data sheet pdf, specs pdf, quick ref pdf, manual pdf
Keithley 2400 1A Source-Measure Unit, data sheet pdf, specs pdf, manual (rev G) pdf, service manual (rev D) pdf
Keithley 2440 5A Source-Measure Unit (same manuals as 2400), data sheet pdf, specs pdf, manual (rev G) pdf
Keithley 3390 Arbitrary Waveform Generator, data sheet pdf, specs pdf, user manual pdf
KEPCO BOP 20-20M, Bipolar operational power supply 20A-20V pdf
LeCroy Waverunner 104MXi 1 GHz, 10GS/s, 4 chan scope, our PO pdf, specs pdf, data sheet pdf, getting started pdf,
....quick reference pdf, autom. command ref manual pdf [missing], recovery procedures pdf
Leiden LCMB2 digital mutual inductance bridge (CMN thermometry) doc [missing]
Leiden Triple current source doc
Metrix scope, downloading data from PC pdf
NI GPIB-120B bus isolator / expander, specs pdf, manual pdf
NI GPIB-140A optical isolator / extender, overview pdf, GPIB-140 manual pdf, GPIB-140A manual pdf
Oxford Instr., IPS120-10 magnet power supply pdf
PAR 124A lock-in amplifier pdf
Signal Recovery Model 7265 Dual Phase DSP Lock-in Amplifier, pdf
..Tech Note 1000, What is a lock-in amplifier? pdf
..Tech Note 1001, Specifying Lock-in Amplifiers pdf
..Tech Note 1002, The Analog Lock-in Amplifier pdf
..Tech Note 1003, The Digital Lock-in Amplifier pdf
..Tech Note 1004, How to use noise figure contours pdf
..Tech Note 1008, Digital Noise at Lock-in Amplifier Input Connectors pdf
Signal Recovery Model 5184 ultra low noise voltage preamplifier, pdf
Steinacher high-Voltage HV-amplifier SP908 (+/-100 V, +/-70 mA) pdf
Tektronix PTS2012B Oscilloscope, manual pdf and usage notes pdf


AVS47 dvm pdf, layout pdf, logic pdf, picobus pdf, power pdf, root pdf
Picowatt AVS47-B resistance bridge pdf
Picowatt AVS47-IB B computer interface pdf
Picowatt TS530A temperature Controller pdf
Picowatt PLM-5 Pulsed Platinum NMR Thermometer
..Instruction Manual 1R4 pdf
..Shipping check sheet pdf
..GPIB manual pdf
..Preamp circuit pdf and layout pdf
..PRS simulator info pdf
..PLM preamp noise pdf

Vector Network Analyzer N5230A PNA-L

Vector Network Analyzer N5230A PNA-L (our PO pdf



Application Notes 

PNA-L user's and programmers guide pdf (15 MB)

PNA-L data sheet pdf

VNA architecture pdf 

PNA-L Cal Kit 85056K, user's & service guide pdf (10 MB)

PNA-L technical specs pdf

VNA error correction pdf  

PNA configuration guide pdf


VNA measurement hints pdf 

PNA installation and quick start guide pdf


VNA in fixture measurements pdf 

PNA-L installation notes pdf


VNA time domain pdf 

PNA basics pdf (6 MB)



PNA-L service guide pdf (10 MB)



E8267D Vector Signal Generator

User manual (German) pdf
Installation Guide pdf
Programming Guide pdf
Programming Reference pdf
SCPI Command Reference pdf
Users Guide pdf
VSG Spec Sheet pdf

Analog Signal Generator E8257D PSG

Analog Signal Generator E8257D PSG (our PO pdf)


specs / app notes 

PSG installation guide pdf

PSG data sheet pdf

PSG configuration guide pdf

PSG key reference pdf

PSG users guide pdf (5 MB)

PSG app note: spectral purity pdf

PSG programmers guide pdf (5 MB)


PSG service guide pdf (16 MB)


Tektronix AWG7122C and Sampling Scope DSA8300

Tektronix AWG7122C and Sampling Scope DSA8300 (our PO pdf)



data sheet pdf

data sheet pdf

performance verification tech. ref. pdf

performance verification tech. ref. pdf

quick start guide pdf

quick start guide pdf

programmer manual pdf

programmer manual pdf

service manual pdf

service manual pdf

methodologies pdf

sampling modules read first pdf

XYZs of signal generators pdf

specifications technical reference pdf

product software CD-ROM pdf

printed online help pdf


Tektronix AWG5200 Series - Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Installation and Safty Instructions pdf
Programmer Manual pdf
Datasheet pdf
Upgrades pdf

Pumps & Vacuum

Edwards XDS-10 dry scroll pump, overview pdf, manual pdf, tip seal replacement pdf
Edwards XDS-35 dry scroll pump, specs pdf, manual pdf
Edwards nXDS-15i dry scroll pump, brochure pdf, specs pdf, PO pdf, manual pdf, tip seal replacement pdf
Edwards EH500 mechanical booster, broschure pdf, manual pdf

Leybold vacuum gauge controller pdf, pdf
Leybold Thermovac TTR100 sensor pdf
Leybold Thermovac TTR101N sensor pdf
Leybold Ecodry M15 oil-free pump, users manual pdf, spare parts pdf
Oerlikon Leybold ScrollVAC SC15D oil-free scroll pump, operating instructions pdf, sheet, maint. kits pdf

Pfeiffer maxigauge controller TGP256A pdf
Pfeiffer compact Pirani gauge TPR280 pdf
Pfeiffer compact full-range gauge PKR261 pdf and PKR251 pdf[missing]
Pfeiffer Leak Detector HLT560, manual pdf, maintenance pdf, comm. prot. pdf, sniffer pdf

McMillan mass flow meter pdf, pdf

MKS baratron absolute pressure transducer (627D, 2 mbar, pdf) and controller (PR400B, pdf, PO pdf)
MKS mass flow controller (MFC 2000 sccm MF1 / 1179A, pdf[missing], PO pdf)

VAT mini gate valve pdf, pdf

Varian V81M turbo pump pdf
Varian V81-AG turbo controller pdf
Varian Navigator V301 turbo pump pdf
Varian Turbo-V 700HT controller pdf
Varian TV 551/701 navigator turbo pumps pdf
Varian ISO100 gate valve, catalog pdf, manual pdf
Varian SH-110 dry scroll pump pdf

Dow Corning High-Vacuum Grease (Silicone) pdf, MSDS pdf
Apiezon-N Cryogenic High-Vacuum Grease pdf, MSDS pdf

LHe delivery dewars, transfer tubes, level meters, probes

Cryoanlagebau 200L LHe dewars Fuellstandkurve xls, pdf
Precision Cryo transfer tubes:
- MicroK transfer tube (Feb 2010) pdf
- MicroK transfer tube (July 2012) pdf
- MCK transfer tube (July 2012) pdf
Cryogenics Ltd
- LHe level probe (sensor) for Cryoanlagebau dewars (AL 750mm, TL 1250mm) (June 2007) pdf, (Oct 2010) pdf
- Helium level probe quotation (general, 2006) doc
- Helium level probe for MNK-P (2007) pdf
- Helium level gauge electronics pdf

2DEG wafers

GaAs Crystall axes orientation pdf
Wafer section sheet pdf

Freiberger Compound Materials GmbH

GaAs dummy wafer - 3VU-625-PE-US-0-LF-P pdf

Gossard/Zimmermann UCSB

quiet dot wafers
Gossard 060926x pdf
Daniels Sample Catalogue pdf

Regensburg/Badolato Hybrid wafers

inverted 2DEG pdf
prepinto 1 & 2 pdf (corrected) ((pdf (old, WRONG)))
D080311B inv. 2DEG (pre-Pinto) pdf (SdH)
D080424A inv. 2DEG (pre-Pinto2) pdf (SdH)
D0807xxx Pintos, file Design5 pdf
D080709B inv. 2DEG (Pinto 17, AS GROWN) pdf
D0903xxx inv. 2DEG (Pinto 18, 19 and 20, AS GROWN) pdf
Regensburg D090610-17 inv. 2DEG doc
D090626x inv. 2DEG DOT (sheets Pinto 38 (jpg), 39 (jpg) and 40 (jpg), AS GROWN) pdf
D09072xx inv. 2DEG (sheets Pinto 42 (jpg), 43 (jpg) and 44 (jpg), AS GROWN) pdf
D090918B inv. 2DEG (sheet Pinto 60 (jpg), AS GROWN) pdf, overview pdf

Pfeiffer/Bell Labs & Princeton wafers

low density, high mobility material
Pfeiffer 9-12-05.2 (n~0.7, mu ~ 13M (LED)) pdf, growth profile pdf
Pfeiffer 7-28-08.2 (0.77 / 5.0M (dark, 4K), 1.25 / 6.6M (light, 4K), 1.24 / 13.4M (light, 0.3K)) pdf, growth profiles pdf
Pfeiffer 8-29-08.1 (0.63 / 6.4M (dark, 4K), 1.12 / 7.8M (light, 4K), 0.93 / 15.1M (light, 0.3K)) pdf, growth profiles pdf, top gates QPC pdf
Pfeiffer/Yacoby CEO quantum wires (n-type) pdf, socked design SLDPRT, pdf, pdf, photo/dimensions pdf
Pfeiffer 4-7-11.4 (3e11, no mobility data) growth sheets pdf, profile pdf
Pfeiffer 9-12-13.2 measured 25.9 million at a 2D density of 3.53x10^11/cm^2 pdf, growth profiles pdf
Pfeiffer 12-6-10.1 measured 28.4 million at 2.83x10^11/cm^2 pdf, growth profiles pdf
Pfeiffer/Shayegan P1-5-18-2  26M/3E11  pdf, growth Profiles pdf

Wegscheider 5/2 material

Christian Reichl, ETHZ
overview ALL xls

batch arrived in Basel 1107
D110211C sample (In) (1.3 / 5.0M (dark, 4K), 1.7 / 6.9M (ill., 4K), 1.3 / 8.9M (dark, 1.5K), 1.7 / 14.1M (ill., 1.5K)) profile pdf, data sheets pdf
D110712C sample (In) (2.9 / 9.0M (dark, 4K), 3.6 / 8.4M (ill., 4K), 2.9 / 17.0M (dark, 1.5K), 3.6 / 16.0M (ill., 1.5K)) profile pdf, data sheets pdf
D110712D sample (In) (3.0 / 9.5M (dark, 4K), 3.9 / 7.3M (ill., 4K), 3.0 / 19.0M (dark, 1.5K), 3.9 / 13.9M (ill., 1.5K)) profile pdf, data sheets pdf
D110329A sample (In) (0.76 / 0.94M (dark, 4K), 1.35 / 2.8M (ill., 4K); 0.75 / 1.04M (dark, 1.5K), 1.36 / 3.4M (ill., 1.5K) ) (Ref. Pinto 42) profile pdf, sheets pdf
D110506A sample (In) (1.3 / 1.2M (dark, 4K), 2.9 / 1.4M (ill., 4K); 1.3 / 1.04M (dark, 1.5K), 2.8 / 0.96M (ill., 1.5K) ) (Ref. Pinto 42) profile pdf, data sheets pdf

batch arrived in Basel on 120418
D110712D sample (In) (3.0/9.5M (dark, 4K), 3.9/7.3M (ill., 4K); 3.0/19.0M (dark, 1.5K), 3.9/13.9M (ill., 1.5K)) data sheets pdf
D110728B sample (In) (2.9/9.5M (dark, 4K), 3.4/8.3M (ill., 4K); 2.9/19.1M (dark, 1.5K), 3.4/16.4M (ill., 1.5K)) data sheets pdf
D110922B wafer (2.7/9.5M (dark, 4K), 3.3/8.4M (ill., 4K); 2.8/19.5M (dark, 1.5K), 3.3/15.9M (ill., 1.5K)) data sheets pdf
D111124D sample (In) (1.2/3.9M (dark, 4K), 1.8/5.6M (ill., 4K); 1.2/ 5.9M (dark, 1.5K), 1.8/ 9.5M (ill., 1.5K)) data sheets pdf
D120105A 1 piece (2.3/7.9M (dark, 4K), 3.1/10.1M (ill., 4K); 2.3/15.9M (dark, 1.5K), 3.1/22.0M (ill., 1.5K)) data sheets pdf
D120111A sample (In) (2.4/7.4M (dark, 4K), 3.3/9.7M (ill., 4K); 2.4/13.4M (dark, 1.5K), 3.3/20.5M (ill., 1.5K)) data sheets pdf
D120113B sample (In) (2.2/7.4M (dark, 4K), 3.0/9.5M (ill., 4K); 2.2/14.5M (dark, 1.5K), 3.0/21.0M (ill., 1.5K)) data sheets pdf
D120124B 1 piece (1.5/6.2M (dark, 4K), 2.2/7.4M (ill., 4K); 1.5/11.4M (dark, 1.5K), 2.1/15.6M (ill., 1.5K)) data sheets pdf
for the above 8 wafers: data sheets pdf, measurements: docx, Stg doc

batch arrived in Basel on 120810
D110809C wafer (2.7/9.0M (dark, 4K), 3.2/7.8M (ill., 4K); 2.7/17.0M (dark, 1.3K), 3.2/14.6M (ill., 1.3K)) data sheets pdf, data png, png

batch arrived in Basel on 121218
D120705D 4K dark: 2.58/9.26M; ill: 2.69/9.23M, 1.3K dark: 2.58/20.66M; ill: 2.66/22M, data sheets pdf
D120702A 4K dark: 2.52/9.8M; ill: 2.597/9.61M, 1.3K dark: 2.52/23.1M; ill: 2.58/22.8M, data sheets pdf
D120427C 4K dark: 2.127/8.66M, 1.3K dark: 2.12/19.24M, data sheets pdf
D120724A 4K dark: 2.52/6.2M; ill: 2.55/9.15M, 1.3K ill: 2.55/18.9M, data sheets pdf
for the above 4 wafers: summary of measurements zip

batch arrived in Basel on 130627
D121219A 4K dark: 2.35/9.59M; ill: 2.58/9.32M, 1.3K dark: 2.34/21.97M; ill: 2.55/22.52M data sheets zip
D110810C 4K dark: 2.7/8.07M; ill: 3.2/7.25M, 1.3K dark: 2.69/15.13M; ill: 3.21/14.16M data sheets zip

batch arrived in Basel on 140503
D120622A 4K dark: 2.33/8.92M; 1.3K dark: 2.32/18.14M, data sheet pdf
one more quarter of: D120724A 4K dark: 2.52/6.2M; ill: 2.55/9.15M, 1.3K ill: 2.55/18.9M, data sheet pdf

Wegscheider CEO wires

Stefan Riedi

batch arrived in Basel on december 2014
F140911B 2D growth (pdf), F140926A overgrowth (pdf), 1.7 / 1.4M (dark, 4K), 2.9 / 2.9M (ill., 4K), 1.7 / 1.7M (dark, 1.3K), 2.9 / 3.7M (ill., 1.3K))

alpha/beta wafers

Shawn Mack, David Awschalom, UCSB
overview xls, skydrive access [oneDrive]

first batch (arr Basel 100712)
overview pdf , SIMS pdf, ohmics Shawn pdf [all missing]
061122B MQW profile txt, 070221A MAW profile txt, 080907B SQW, 100410B SQW

batch 110225
101111A, 101203A/C, 101218A/B profiles rtf, pdf

batch 110325 (brought to Basel by Shawn)
..110314A/B profiles rtf, pdf

batch 120306
120229B (8 nm well), 120229C (9 nm well), otherwise identical to 101218B, pdf

batch 120409
120405A (regrowth of 101218B, no back gate, 11 nm well), pdf

batch 120514
Shawn email doc
..calibration structure 120229A, regrown 120508A (identical to 060926B except for SL), profiles pdf
..120510A: repeat of 120405A but with 28e11 Si (instead of 26e11)
..120510B: repeat of A but using a hotter growth temperature (630 C vs 585 C)
..120510C: repeat of A but the QW is 75nm deep; profiles pdf

batch 120606
Shawn email doc
120530A,B,C and 120601A,B,C, profiles docx, pdf

batch 120625
Shawn email doc
120619A,b and 120621A,B, profiles docx, pdf

batch 120705
120630A, Shawn email doc, txt profile docx
more of (120601C, 120619A, B and 120621A)

Wegscheider Dot Materials

batch arrived in Basel on 191223
F131212C 4K dark: 2.0/2.1M; ill: 3.9/3.9M, 1.3K dark: 2.0/2.5M; ill: 3.9/5.2M data sheet (very high oval defect density) pdf
D161013A 4K dark: 1.6/5.7M; ill: 2.4/7.0M, 1.3K dark: 1.6/10.5M; ill: 2.4/14.6M data sheet (high oval defect density) pdf

batch arrived in Basel on 200220
D200204B 4K dark: 2.4/3.0M; ill: 4.5/5.3M, 1.3K dark: 2.4/3.9M; ill: 4.5/8.2M data sheet pdf

batch arrived in Basel on 210914
D200821A  4K dark: 2.4/3.1M; ill: 4.5/5.3M, 1.3K dark: 2.4/3.9M; ill: 4.5/7.6M  data sheet pdf


Thin Film Evaporation Source Guide, RD Mathis pdf
Jeff's guide to ebeam lithography pdf
Ebeam lithography with COLD developer pdf
Brian Cord et al., Optimal temperature for development of poly(methylmethacrylate) pdf
Look, GaAs materials and devices pdf
ohmic contacts: Lin et al., JAPL 67, 260 (1990) pdf
ohmic contacts: Chen et al., JAPL 75, 7373 (1994) pdf
ohmic contacts: Lee et al., Electronics Letters 17, 407 (1981) pdf
eutectics pdf
Kyocera non-magnetic 32 pin LCC-chip carrier, layout gif, drawing pdf
Plastronics non-magnetic 32 pin LCC-socket, specs pdf
Balzers Evaporator step-by-step procedure pdf
Gold plating recipe pdf

PMMA / Ebeam Lithography

Ebeam lithography with COLD developer pdf
High Contrast Developer (MEK) for PMMA pdf
Elphy Software, Important points pdf
Resist thicknesses pdf
Recipe for GaAs fabrication from Daniel pdf
Ebeam writefield corrections xlsx

PMMA polymer 50K, 200K, 600K, 950K pdf
PMMA/MA co-polymer 33% pdf
PMMA thinner pdf
PMMA developer pdf
PMMA stopper pdf
PMMA stripper pdf
pricelist 2008 pdf

PMMA datasheet pdf
PMMA developer pdf
Nano remover PG pdf

Optical Lithography

Micro Resist Technology
ma-N 400 series pdf, overview pdf
ma-N 415 resist, ma-D 332S developer (standard developer), ma-D 377XP metal ion free, MF-21A developer (Rohm & Haas, etches GaAs)
mr-REM 660 resist remover
catalogue pdf

Sharon Ebeam and Thermal Evaporator

Telemark gun model 265-9905-05, 6 pockets, 7cc, TT6 power supply, 6kW
dual thermal source, 3kVA transformer, CTI CT8 cryopump
glow discharge Ar pre-cleaning system
specifications PO pdf, quote pdf
installation instructions pdf
operating instructions, Sharon evaporator pdf, log file xls
thin film evaporation guide, Telemark pdf
Telemark, egun parts pdf
Telemark egun TT6 manual pdf
Oerlikon Leybold ScrollVAC SC15D oil-free scroll pump, operating instructions pdf, sheet, maint. kits pdf


RF power generator BDS-HF300 AFP, manual pdf
RF Matchbox PFM 1500 A, manual pdf
H-Plasma setup, schematic jpg

mks Microwave Generator

Product Definition: 1 kW Remote Process Applicator Driven by a 1 kW Solid State Generator pdf
Technical Note: Solide State Microwave Generator 1000 W at 2450 MHz pdf
Manual: Three Stub Tuner pdf

Electrical Components

California Fine Wire pdf, Phosphor Bronze wire 5%, CDA510 A pdf, Copper OFE wire, CDA 101 pdf
small signal transformer NTM-4 pdf
Supercon, NbTi/Cu multifilament 54S43 wire, 0.254mm od insulated pdf
Low pass filter boards, two pole filter, design pdf
Elektrisola, 30 micron Cu wires, data sheets pdf
Thermocoax, 0.5mm OD (1NcAc05), data sheets pdf
Spectrum Control, EMI Filters catalogue, Filtered DSub connectors pdf, Entire Catalogue pdf
Pomona BNC cables, data sheets pdf, pdf
Cupper wire from BLOCK, CUL 200/0.15 (on stock CUL 200/0.1) pdf
Low Noise Factory - LNF-LNC0.2_3A s/n 213Z - 0.2 - 3 GHz Cryogenic Low Noise Amplifier pdf

High-Frequency Electronic Components

Fair-Rite ferrite Components (Mouser No. 623-5975002701); Series 59, Material 75. Fair-Rite Catalogue


SQUID Magnicon

manual high performance dc SQUID electronics XXF-1 pdf
SQUID specifications (C423_F37 and C644_G12) pdf
TempViewer and DAQBox pdf
manual CryoCable CC-1 for SEL-1/XXF-1 SQUID Electronics pdf
MFFT-1 Sensor Module pdf
Niobium Capsule NC-1.1 pdf
bond layout pdf


Stycast Epoxy 1266 pdf (115 parts per 10'000, thermal contraction)
Stycast Epoxy 2850 pdf (50.8 parts per 10'000, thermal contraction)
EPO-TEK E4110 silver epoxy pdf, MSDS pdf
EPO-TEK EJ2189 silver epoxy, new pdf
Kapitza boundary resistances, chapter 4, PhD Thesis, Arlette De Waard pdf
LED IR 875nm AlGaAs, Agilent, spec sheet pdf
Table of superconductors pdf
Attocube Rotator ANRv51/RES/LT/HV, electronics manual pdf, piezo rotator manual pdf, notes for general use docx, specs pdf 

Books, Theses

Thesis rules pdf

Group Library, list of books pdf
Yu and Cardona, Fundamentals of Semiconductors pdf (9MB)
Frank Pobell, Matter and Methods at Low Temperatures pdf (9MB)
Roland Winkler, Spin-Orbit Coupling Effects in Two-Dimensional Electron and Hole Systems pdf (5MB)
Optical Orientation, Meier & Zakharchenya, Editors Agranovich & Maradudin, Modern Prob. in CM, Vol. 8 pdf (32MB)
Electron-Electron Interactions in Disordered Conductors, B. I. Altshuler and A. G. Aronov, Editors Efros & Pollak pdf (8MB)
Electronic Properties of Doped Semiconductors, B. I. Shklovskii and A. L. Efros, Springer Series in Solid State Science Nr. 45, pdf (110MB)
Yoseph Imry, Introduction to Mesoscopic Physics, 1997 pdf (8MB)

Ph. D. Thesis Monika Fleischer, Wharham Group, Tübingen, ohmics infos pdf (15MB)

Semester project: Denis Loos, Surface Acoustic Wave Resonators pdf (2MB)

Mambo2 URZ server pdf


User / Configuration Guide doc
ASCII comms protocol doc
comms protocol doc
Burr-Brown DAC1220 Delta-Sigma Digital to Analog Converter pdf
Ferrite Bead Filters pdf
Filter/divider box for GaAs gates pdf


NI USB-6259 BNC DAQ, 16-bit, 1.25MS/s M series, 16AI, 4AO: overview pdf, specs pdf, manual pdf, getting started pdf
NI USB-6366 DAQ X series, 16-bit, 8AI 2MS/s, 2AO 3.3MS/s: specs pdf
NIDAQ tools MX manual pdf

LNHR DAC (Steinacher)

DAC 24bit, noise ~300 nV rms on +/- 10V, 8 channels, Ti DAC8871 pdf
first batch (101111, units 1-6), manual v1.4 pdf
noise specs unit 1 pdf, unit 2 pdf
noise specs unit 3 pdf, unit 4 pdf
noise specs unit 5 pdf, unit 6 pdf
second batch (111111, units 20-24), manual v1.5 pdf
noise specs unit 20 pdf, unit 21 pdf
noise specs unit 22 pdf, unit 23 pdf
noise specs unit 24 pdf
third batch (131121, units 25-xx), manual v1.6 pdf
noise specs unit 36 pdf
fourth batch (190919, units 51-xx), manual v2.6 pdf
noise specs unit 63 pdf
noise specs unit 64 pdf
noise specs unit 65 pdf
noise specs unit 66 pdf
noise specs unit 67 pdf

LNHS I/V Converter (Steinacher)

Low Noise / High Stability I to V Converter SP-983
- with LSK389A: datasheet version 1.2 pdf (old version 1.1). Test reports: device #2 pdf, device #4 pdf, device #9 pdf, device #14 pdf, device #15 pdf, device #16 pdf, device #17 pdf, device #52 pdf
- with IF3602 (special version): datasheet version 1.2 pdf. Test reports: device #10 pdf, device #26 pdf, device #27 pdf, device #53 pdf, device #54 pdf, device #55 pdf, device #56 pdf
LNHS I to V Converter Remote Control Interface (SP-983a) pdf
Test Reports
- SP 983c, Rev. 2.0, Serial Number 000008 pdf
- SP 983c, Rev. 2.0, Serial Number 000009 pdf
- SP 983c, Rev. 2.0, Serial Number 000010 pdf
- SP 983c, Rev. 2.0, Serial Number 000031 pdf
- SP 983c, Rev. 2.0, Serial Number 000032 pdf
- SP 983c, Rev. 2.0, Serial Number 000033 pdf
- SP 983c, Rev. 2.0, Serial Number 000107 pdf[missing]
- SP 983c, Rev. 2.0, Serial Number 000108 pdf[missing]

Low Noise / Low Drift Differential Amplifier (Steinacher)

Data sheet v1.0 pdf
Manual v1.1 pdf
Data sheet v2.1 pdf
Test Reports
- SP 1004, Serial Number 0007 pdf
- SP 1004, Serial Number 0008 pdf
- SP 1004, Serial Number 0009 pdf
- SP 1004, Serial Number 0010 pdf
- SP 1004, Serial Number 0011 pdf
- SP 1004, Serial Number 0012 pdf
- SP 1004, Serial Number 0023 pdf
- SP 1004, Serial Number 0024 pdf
- SP 1004, Serial Number 0025 pdf
- SP 1004, Serial Number 0058 pdf[missing]
- SP 1004, Serial Number 0059 pdf[missing]
- SP 1004, Serial Number 0060 pdf[missing]


CMN #133, Arlette's calibration jpg, dat
CMN #146, Arlette's calibration jpg, dat, MNK-I calibration pdf
CMN #152, Arlette's calibration jpg, dat, dat
CMN thermometer probe dimensions jpg, drawing pdf
LCMN two sensors (2010, Arlette, Leiden Consultants), notes, emails Tony doc, doc

Small Coil, Vladimir Shvarts, Atkinson, NH

PO 101213 pdf, PO pdf, FPD info pdf
LCMN 1mK - 20mK, 2 sensors
CMN 10 mK - 1 K, 1 sensor
Superconducting fixed point device FPD100, notes from Vladimir doc


Lakeshore CERNOX sensors pdf, pdf, pdf
Lakeshore calibrated cernox sensor CX-1050-SD-HT-1.4M calibrated 1.4K to 420K, calibration pdf, xls, pdf, pxp

Pt sensors

Lakeshore Pt standard calibration table, 77K to 900K pdf
The Agilent DMMs have standard RTDs 0.0385%/K stored, compatible with our Pt sensors
IST Pt sensor cataloue pdf, Igor calibration pxp


Dipstick Wiring Manual pdf

MNK-I Setup

Minikelvin MNK126-700 TOF, Giorgio's manual pdf
fridge wiring pdf
MC, cold plate and still details pdf
IVC and shields dimensions pdf
coldfinger drawings pdf

2-axis magnet system manual pdf, ramp rates, field specs pdfpdf, SMS pdf, stray fields xls
dewar and 2-axis magnet (cryogenics ltd, old design) pdf
dewar, 2-axis magnet and insert (as built / measured) pdf
magnet underside / split coil orientation pdf

Leiden cooldown results
cooling power vs. temperature jpg
T vs. flow jpg
MC thermometer calibration jpg
thermometers calibration parameters xls
CBT report pdf
Cryomagnetics Dewar and Magnet pdf

MNK-P fridge (MNK126-400 ROF)

manual - see MNK-I
fridge wiring pdf, RC board filters pdf
same IVC/shields as MNK-I
MC details pdf
dewar drawing (kadel) pdf
insert, MC and dewar, as measured pdf
drawings of insert, dewar and maget (080206) pdf, updated 100107 pdf
cold finger design pdf, pdf
Cu stage design pdf
new Kadel KC258rev5 dewar pdf

2nd generation nuclear stage
2 stage magnet system manual pdf
magnet designs, PO pdf, top view pdf, magnet with dewar pdf, magnet only pdf
magnet stray fields: switches xls, demag xls, sample xls, comparison doc
IVC and shields: new, larger design pdf, insert, dewar and magnet pdf

cooldown results
T vs. flow jpg

Calibration S9914 vs CMN122 xls
Calibration S9914 vs CMN122 pdf
RuO2k pdf

Calibration S9914 (old, 2000) pdf
Calibration S9914 (old, 2000) xls
Calibration S9914 (old, 2000) dat

(below older files)
MC thermometer calibration jpg
thermometers calibration parameters xls

MCK50-100TOF Setup

Microkelvin MCK50-100 TOF, Giorgio's manual pdf
MCK dewar (precision cryo.) pdf

Manuals: Pre-cool docxpdf, cooldown pdf, warmup pdf

large bore magnet, manuals (cryogenics ltd) pdf, ramp rates pdf, SMS power supply pdf
3-axis magnet specs pdf, ramp rates pdf, stray fields pdfxls, drawings pdf
large bore magnet dewar (cryogenics ltd) pdf
large Bore Magnet drawings (cryogenics ltd) pdf
insert, dewar and large Bore Magnet drawings (rev. 070806dmz) pdf
split coil orientation (angle) pdf
plugged / blocked condensing line doc, purchase order pdf

wiring instructions please read (high T / low T setup) pdf, wiring scheme xls
heating above 4K pdf
summary for heating above 4K pdf, Igor files zip
1K pot impedance replacement pdf

cooldown results
cooling power (new dilution unit) jpg
cooling power (new dilution unit) jpg
T vs. flow (new dilution unit) jpg
thermometers calibration parameters xls
thermometers calibration files zip
cooldown room T to base T jpg
condensing jpg
cooldown overview pdf
cooling power (old dilution unit) jpg
T vs. flow (old dilution unit) jpg
fridge log book / fridge parameters xls

MCK76-400TOF Setup

Microkelvin MCK76-400 TOF, Giorgio's manual pdf, PO pdf
Kadel KC268 dewar (now broken, out of service) pdf
cryogenics 14/16T-52-H3 magnet, magnet manual pdf, magnet insert manual pdf, magnet insert drawing pdf, magnet drawing pdf
insert, dewar and magnet drawings (rev. 090811dmz) pdf
stp drawing of insert from Arlette (Jan 2014) stp
oxford magnet power supply IPS120-10 pdf
wiring diagrams pdf, pdf
Piezo Shifter part, drawing
Attocube Rotator ANRv51/RES/LT/HV, notes for general use docx
Kadel KC268 dewar (new, arrived July 2012) pdf

cooldown results
Leiden cooldown summary pdf
thermometers calibration parameters xls

VTI, 1.7K to 80K in LHe up to 400K out of LHe

Cryogenics Ltd PO pdf
Cryogenics VTI Manual pdf
VTI insert drawings: straight IVC pdf, view pdf, tail IVC pdf, insert head pdf
VTI design lengths pdf
Precision Cryo dewar pdf
Lakeshore Model 340, Temperature Controller pdf

Cryogenics 8T/10T-52-H3 magnet and support (in precision cryo dewar), with lambda fridge
magnet insert drawing pdf
dewar, magnet and insert drawing pdf (old drawing pdf)
magnet insert manual (with lambda fridge) pdf
magnet manual pdf

VTI Cernox CX1030-SD-HT-1.4M
Lakeshore calibration sheet pdf, txt cal table txt, VTI_Temperature Calibration Curve pxp, VTI_temp proc
extrapolation (DMZ121031) table pdf, xls xls, graph pdf, fit pdf, Igor RtoT proc txt, Igor exp pxp

VTI 2, 1.7K to 80K in LHe up to 400K out of LHe

Variable Temperature Insert manual pdf
3D sketch stp
VTI drawings pdf, zip

CryoMagnetics, INC. 9T/5T 2-axis magnet
Magnet manual pdf

VTI 2 Cernox CX1030-SD-HT-1.4L
Lakeshore calibration sheet pdf 

Cryogenic amplifier 0.2-3 GHz Low Noise Amplifier pdf


Bluefors Cryofree Fridge LD-400

fridge manual pdf
Bluefors: magnet spec sheet pdf, performance sheet and cal report pdf, magnet test part 1 and part 2
Scientific Magnetics: magnet manual pdf, FAT report 1 pdf
CryoMech manual (Pulsed Tube, PT): installation, operation and maintenance pdf
LakeShore Resistance Bridge manual pdf
system drawings pdf, dxf, PO pdf, order confirmation pdf, control unit pdf, support pdf
layout pdf, pics gif, gif, vibration data pdf, pdf, PT damper pdf, magnet leads pdf
TMC antivibration table, drawing pdf, PO pdf
mixing chamber pdf, pdf
cryomech PT415 pulsed tube, 1.5W @ 4K, 40W @ 45K, specs pdf, cold head pdf, coldhead specs (new and old) pdf, system pdf
fridge flanges 60K pdf, 4K pdf, still pdf, cold plate pdf, mixing chamber pdf
magnet field profiles xls, design report 100721 pdf, construction and delivery schedule pdf, delivery & payment conditions pdf
magnet drawings pdf, pdf, pdf, pdf, pdf
stray magnetic fields: large dim pdf , demag only pdf, sample only pdf
magnet stray field profiles xls sheets: xls, xls, xls, xls, with Heat-Switch coil xls
Magnetic field map pdf
BF-LD series user manual pdf

Bluefors Cryofree Fridge XLD

Plan Stages pdf
Probe exchange - Manual and Performance pdf
Test Report pdf
Bottom Loader Overview pdf
Bottom Loader Pictures pdf
XLD Magnet spec sheet pdf
PUCK Schematics pdf
Scanner (determining the best Model 372 configuration) pdf
Pre-Installation Guide v1.6 pdf
Valve Control Telnet pdf
Diagnostics wiring pinouts pdf
Wire harness with 12 twistet pairs pdf
Lake Shore 370 AC Manual pdf
Lake Shore 372 AC Manual pdf
LSCI Reader 370 pdf
BF-XLD series user manual pdf
Power Supply manual (Model 430) pdf

spare Kadel dewars

Leiden dewars shipment March 2009 pdf
GRAAL DRS type dilution fridge, shipment March 2009 pdf, pdf, pdf
Kadel KC202 (small dewar) pdf
Kadel 90-2664R and 92-5729: identical, 8.7L/day static LHe evaporation, no drawing available
Kadel KC268 (dewar for MCK76) pdf
Kadel KC271 (largest dewar) pdf, emails pdf

Monitoring Systems for APACO Cooling Water Stations

LabWatch Manual pdf

APC Battery Pack

APC Back-UPS Pro 900 Installation and Operation Manual pdf

Vibration Measurement Equipment

GS-11D Geophone pdf
Vibration Analyser VA-2C pdf

RF Amplifiers

Low Noise Factory LNC0.2-3A, Cryogenic Amplifier, Frequency range: 0.1 - 3 GHz, Gain: 30dB Currently used in SPIN Bluefors LD1 (next to window), purchased by Zumbühl pdf

Cosmic Microwave CILTF4, Cryogenic Amplifier, Frequency range: 0.5 - 4 GHz, Gain: 36dB Currently used in SPIN Bluefors LD2 (next to entrance), Purchased by Schönenberger pdf

Cosmic Microwave CILTF2 Unibased, Cryogenic Amplifier, Frequency range: 0.1 - 1.5 GHz, Gain: 30dB Currently used in VTI2, Purchased by Zumbühl pdf

Cosmic Microwave CILTF2 Biased, Cryogenic Amplifier, Frequency range: 0.1 - 1.5 GHz, Gain: 30dB Currently in 516 (Rafael), Purchased by Zumbühl pdf

B&Z BZY-00100700, Room-Temperature Amplifier, Frequency range: 0.1 - 0.7 GHz, Gain: 38dB, In use with UHFLI, Purchased by Zumbühl pdf

B&Z BZY00050060-111032-152020 (3 amplifiers) Frequency range: 0.05-0.6 GHz, Gain: 32 dB, SN 28392 & 28391 in Rafaels Office 516, SN 28406 in use at VTI 2, pdf purchased by Zumbühl

Zurich Instruments

MFLI Manual link
UHFLI Manual link
LabOne Programing Manual pdf
Igor-Python bridge zip
Simultanous measurement of different harmonics pdf

LD Spin Fridges

Pre-installation pdf
Magnet pdf
FSE pdf
Wiring pdfs
Temperature Controller pdfs
Cryostat pdf