Swissnex Boston: Quantum, a Catalyst for Bio


Quantum, a catalyst for bio, took place on Monday March 11, 2024 in Boston. Hosted at The Engine at MIT, Cambridge, MA, organized by Swissnex in partnership with NCCR SPIN explored how quantum can catalyze advances in the life sciences.

How might quantum computing revolutionize drug development and biotech?
How are quantum sensors already improving medtech?

The panel consisted of Elica Kyoseva from NVIDIA, Dominik Zumbühl from the University of Basel and the NCCR SPIN, Yvonna Li from Roche, Frederik Flöther from QuantumBasel, Catherine Lefebvre from GESDA, Clément Javerzac from FHNV and Borja Peropadre from IBM.

The event is part of Project Quantum, Swissnex’s initiative to connect Switzerland and the world in quantum science and technology.


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