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Auf dem Weg zum neuen Super-Computer! Anlass für die Handelskammer beider Basel mit Vortrag über Quantencomputing und den Nationalen Forschungsschwerpunk NCCR SPIN gefolgt von Labortours und einem Apero.

US-Swiss Quantum Days 2022 Chicago

After signing a joint statement on Cooperation in Quantum Information Science and Technology, the US-Swiss Quantum Days took place with over 80 participants in Chicago discussing new avenues of bilateral collaborations, which will hopefully…

In the Swiss Radio Science Magazine

On Saturday, Oct 8, the Swiss Radio SRF2 has broadcast a special feature about the Nobel Prizes which were awarded past week. In this context, our research on semiconductor Spin Qubits has appeared in a contribution "Quantencomputer --…

Featured by Basel Chamber of Commerce

The Basel chamber of commerce (Handelskammer beider Basel) has featured our research in an article "Auf der Suche nach dem Super-Computer" (The Search for the Super Computer). The web-article also shows some lab photos and a YouTube…

Quantum Industry Day in Switzerland 2022

Today, the Quantum Industry Day Switzerland 2022 took place, with a series of plenary talks in the morning, followed by a networking lunch, face-to-face meetings, and and afternoon with parallel sessions on a broad palette of quantum…

Published in PRR: Microkelvin electronics on a pulse-tube cryostat with a gate Coulomb-blockade thermometer

Pushing the limits of on-chip temperatures deep into the microkelvin regime would open the door to unprecedented quantum coherence, novel quantum states of matter, and also the discovery of unexpected phenomena. Here, we present a…

Spin Qubit 5 conference in Pontresina

Spin Qubit 5 conference -- finally meeting again! Great to be there... full program with 45+ talks, 120+ posters, about 250 delegates, exhibitors, with conference concert and banquet, hikes, ... and our great community reunited!

Mini-Colloquium "Quantum Electronics at ULT"

Our group is co-organizing the mini-colloquium MC24 "Quantum electronics at ultra-low temperatures" with Attila Geresdi (Chalmers) and Rich Haley (Lancaster) at the Condensed Matter Divison (CMD) of the European Physical Society (EPS)…

Dominique Trüssel joining for an honors project

Dominique Trüssel has joined Quantum Coherence Lab. His focus will be on developing STO-Varactors for an Honors Track internship on qubit readout. Welcome to the group, and looking forward to work with you!

Quantum Designer Physics 2022, San Sebastian

Quantum Designer Physics 2022, Miramar Palace, San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain, Jul 18-21, 2022. Workshop on spin, topology, coherence, and superconductivity in nanoscale materials for quantum computing and quantum technologies. Due…

PhD Defense of Kris Cerveny

Kris Cerveny successfully defended his PhD thesis "Quantum Transport Characterizations in Selective-Area Grown InGaAs Nanowire Networks", with Prof. Thomas Schäpers, Forschungszentrum Jülich and RWTH Aachan, Germany, and Dr. Lucas Casparis,…

Swiss Nanoconvention 2022 Fribourg

Swiss Nanoconvention 2022 in Fribourg! Quantum Computing Session Spins in Silicon and Germanium organized by @nccrSpin Maud Vinet (CEA-LETI) Andrea Hofmann (@UniBasel) Niko Hendrickx (IBM Zurich…

Spin Qubit 5 early registrat. extended to July 31, 2022

Spin Qubit 5 early registration extended to July 31, 2022! From Aug 1st, the registration fee increases. Conference: Sept 5-9, 2022, Pontresina, Switzerland 40+ confirmed invited speakers... Poster sessions and 200+ participants...…

A Swiss Quantum Initiative

A Swiss Quantum Initiative! Our neighbors and competitors already started large scale programs: 2 billion in Germany, 1.8 billion in France, 615 million in Netherlands, etc... Swiss scientists are getting left behind! PIs and team leaders…

Annual Meeting NCCR SPIN Pontresina Switzerland

Mon, Jun 13 to Wed Jun 15, the annual meeting of the NCCR SPIN took place in Pontresina, Switzerland. Great to bring together our community in a wonderful and stimulating location! 21 scientific talks, 37 posters with a flash intro, 2…