Tinguely Entangled: concert and art installation on spin qubits and quantum computation

Tinguely Photo

The Tinguely Museum with its kinetic sculptures served as the stage for a performance of a piece of music especially composed by Linda Leimane in order to make some of the key quantum physics concepts lying at the heart of quantum computing audible and visible. Starting with qubits, quantum coherence, entanglement and also covering several other topics such as noise, echo and sweet spots, five young scientists from our NCCR SPIN, including Rafael Eggli from our group, served as the main protagonists and narrators in this art installation, joining with twelve musicians who roamed through the room in orchestrated synchrony while the concepts were being illustrated by visual arts.

The performance was based on ideas and discussions with Lukas and Daniel Loss and was created in close collaboration with the NCCR SPIN. It was already heralded as ground breaking and visionary e.g. by the Basler Zeitung, and is receiving broad media coverage.