On arXiv: Hyperabrupt STO varactors for mK quantum dot reflectometry


Radio frequency reflectometry for qubit readout enables high bandwidth but requires careful impedance matching which is challenging to do in-situ at mK temperatures due to freeze-out of GaAs varactors. We present a design employing strontium titanate high-k material giving hyperabrupt capacitance-voltage characteristics which is compact, scalable and easy to wirebond. We tune a resonant inductor-capacitor circuit to perfect impedance matching and observe robust, temperature and field independent matching down to 11mK and up to 2T in-plane field. Finally, we perform gate-dispersive charge sensing on a Ge/Si core/shell nanowire hole double quantum dot, paving the way towards gate-based single-shot spin readout.

Experiments done in our lab, supported by NCCR SPIN of the Swiss NSF. 

Cryogenic hyperabrupt strontium titanate varactors for sensitive reflectometry of
quantum dots

arXiv:2303.02933, manuscript pdf