On arXiv: Identifying Pauli spin blockade using deep learning


Pauli spin blockade (PSB) is a great resource for spin qubit initialisation and readout even at elevated temperatures but it can be difficult to identify. We present a machine learning algorithm capable of automatically identifying PSB using charge transport measurements. The scarcity of PSB data is circumvented by training the algorithm with simulated data and by using cross-device validation. We demonstrate our approach on a silicon field-effect transistor device and report an accuracy of 96% on different test devices, giving evidence that the approach is robust to device variability and might be employable across all types of quantum dot devices.

Collaboration lead by Natalia Ares (Oxford) betweel Basel (devices, experiments) and Oxford (neuronal networks, simulator).

Identifying Pauli spin blockade using deep learning
arXiv:2202.00574, manuscript pdf