Proseminar: Physik der Kondensierten Materie (43141-01 Proseminar 4 KP)

last updated June 8, 2017, tc
Spring Semester 2015



Physics 1-4, condensed matter physics, (quantum mechanics), (parallel 6. semester statistical mechanics)



Advanced topics from condensed matter physics



Students will pick one topic (from a list, or suggest your own topic) and present it to the class (30 minutes talk plus discussion), with the goal of giving a pedagogical introduction at a level that can be followed by the class. The slides (pdf) and a 2 page summary (pdf, from LaTeX) are to be handed in. No problem sets. Topics from both theoretical and experimental condensed matter physics are available.



  • learn selected topics of condensed matter physics (more advanced compared to the introductory lecture of the fall semester)
  • presentation skills
  • discussion skills
  • literature research


Teaching Assistants

The teaching assistants (TAs) will guide the students through the preparation of the talk and 2-page summary. Also, there will be a demo talk done by a TA to give a good example.



Feb 191st meeting, room 4.1, 12:15pm, infos and organization
before March 6Email the coordinator Peter Makk your topic of choise (plus an alternative).
before March 13Assignments of TAs and set of dates for presentations. There will be typically two presentations per week.
April 9

Student presentation start


The grades are pass/fail. Students are expected to attend class every Tursday. Students and TAs will fill out a feedback form (anonymous) after each talk giving the presenter an evaluation. An insufficient presentation will get a fail. A second attempt is possible. Please note that the preparation is a considerable effort (4KP).





Teaching Team

Dr. Peter Makk1.157 3906ECoordinator
Dr. Christian Scheller1.107 3786D/E
Bilal Kalyoncu1.127 3691E
Taras Patlatiuk1.107 3786E
Dr. Minkyung Jung1.157 3906E
Dr. Dominik Zumbühl1.16a7 3693D/E



 Proseminar Talks

DateNameTopic of the talk
19.05.2016Constantin LangQuantum Hall Effect
19.05.2016M.J. CarballidoMajoranas
19.05.2016Patrick WinklerQuantum Computer
26.05.2016Kristopher CervenyMosfets
26.05.2016Maxim NenkovSuperfluidity
02.06.2016Noemi ContrerasCarbon Nanotubes
02.06.2016Sebastian WagnerSuperconductivity


Physik der Kondensierten Materie (10878-01 Vorlesung mit Übung 6KP)

last updated June 1, 2017, tc
Fall Semester 2015


Fall semester 2016

  • Lectures: Thursdays, 12:15-14:00 and Fridays, 10:15-12:00, HS2
  • Exercises: Thuesdays, 13:15-15:00, 3 groups (see below)



Physics 1-4, math cycle, mechanics, electrodynamics, (parallel in 5th semester quantum mechanics and atomic and nuclear physiks, in 6th semester statistical mechanics)



Introduction to solid state physics, structure, lattice vibrations, electrons, semiconductors, magnetism





Lecture Notes

The lectures are based in part on Steve Simon's recent lectures and book (lecture notes 2012 available here) and the KoMa lecture notes by Christian Schönenberger (available here and on ADAM).



Wednesday, 11.1.2017, 10:00-12:00 (to be confirmed, 2nd Wednesday in January)

Written exam, 2 hours, similar to problem sets


  • handwritten notes, max 5 pages A4 (double sided) or 10 pages (single sided)
  • non-programmable calculator
  • English-German dictionary

Forbidden is everything else, in particular wireless/cellular devices, will lead to exclusion from the exam


Repetition Exam

Can be taken upon request during summer break if all participants of repetition agree to an oral exam.



Tuesdays, 12:00-14:00

first meeting: Tuesday, 22.9.15, 12:15 (hints for set #1)

problem sets are available on ADAM


dueFridays, 10:00 before lecture, leave answer in folder at office 1.10
returned (corrected)Tuesday in exercise

In order to pass/obtain the 6KP, 60% or more of the exercise points are required. The exam sets the grade.


Teaching Team

Taras Patlatiuk1.107 3786EPhysics 1.09
Bilal Kalyoncu1.127 3691EBiozentrum 106
Jan Overbeck0.237 3780D/EPhys. Chem. Kl Hörsaal PC 4.04
Christian Scheller1.107 3786D/E
Dario Maradan1.127 3691D/E
Dominik Zumbühl1.16a7 3693D/E