Published in PRB: Low-symmetry nanowires for enhanced Dresselhaus spin-orbit interaction


While the Dresselhaus SOI is suppressed for select zinc-blende nanowire growth directions and confinements, some configurations allow for a strong Dresselhaus SOI. A similarly strong Rashba term can be gate-induced, providing a means to switch the SOI on and off. Remarkably high Dresselhaus SOI energies ~millielectronvolt are expected for very narrow diameter InSb nanowires. Such crossection can e.g. be grown with templated growth, such as in Friedel, Cerveny et al. Nano Letters 18, 2666 (Mar 26, 2018).
Carballido and Kloeffel et al. Phys. Rev. B103, 195444 (May 28, 2021)