Published in Nature Electronics: A hole spin qubit in a finFET above 4 Kelvin

Si finFET

One of the greatest challenges in quantum computing is scaling. Classical nm-scale fin field-effect transistors (FinFETs) have scaled to billions of transistors on a silicon chip. Here, we operate a silicon FinFET as a hole spin qubit above 4 K, potentially allowing in-situ qubit control electronics. We achieve fast electrical control with speeds to 150 MHz, single-qubit fidelities at the fault-tolerance threshold, and a Rabi quality factor greater than 87. The devices feature both industry compatibility and quality, yet are fabricated in a flexible and agile way accelerating future development.

Collaboration between IBM Research Zurich and University of Basel within the NCCR SPIN of the Swiss SNSF.

A hole spin qubit in a fin field-effect transistor above 4 Kelvin
L. C. Camenzind, S. Geyer, A. Fuhrer, R. J. Warburton, D. M. Zumbühl, A. V. Kuhlmann,
Nature Electronics 2022 (Mar 3, 2022), arXiv:2013.07369, manuscript pdf supplementary pdf

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