On arXiv: Machine Learning Tuning of Silicon and SiGe-based Quantum Devices

ML tuning

Device-to-device variability and disorder in spin qubits makes it currently necessary to individually tune each device in a large-dimensional gate space to find the optimal conditions for qubit operation. We take a key step with a machine-learning algorithm that is capable of tuning a 4-gate Si FinFET, a 5-gate GeSi nanowire and a 7-gate SiGe heterostructure device from scratch,  also providing insight into the parameter space landscapes for each of these materials (see Figure above). These results show that overarching solutions for the tuning of quantum devices are empowered by machine learning.
Severin, Lennon, Camenzind et al. arXiv:2107.12975 (Jul 27, 2021).