Appearing in Materials for Quantum Computation: High mobility SiMOSFETs fabricated in a full 300mm CMOS process


The quality of the gate stack affects the local disorder potential and plays a key role for hosting spin qubits. Here, we report a record electron mobility of 17'500 cm2/Vs with sub-10nm oxide with a PolySi gate, indicating a relatively low disorder FET. We find very good agreement with the Kruithof-Klapwijk-Bakkers model comprising interface roughness and remote Coulomb scattering terms. We find that PolySi gates result in 3 times higher mobilities compared to TiN gates, likely due additional Coulomb scattering from oxygen scavenging, thus giving insight into further material optimization for quantum computing. Collaboration with IMEC, Belgium and EMP user access projects.

Accepted for publication:
Camenzind, Elsayed et al. Mater. Quantum. Technol.