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We have open positions!

Currently, we have opportunities for 

  • Semester projects (bachelor students)
  • Thesis projects (masters students)
  • graduate students
  • postdoctoral fellows

see below for details.
Please contact Dominik Zumbühl for more information.


Master/Project thesis: "Hands on a Spin Qubit Device: g-factor anisotropy in GaAs"

We are looking for a motivated, talented and technology-savvy physics or nanoscience student for research of the theoretically predicted g-factor anisotropy in a lateral Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) quantum dot spin qubit device measured at sub-Kelvin temperature. For further information please refer to the following pdf document or contact Prof. Dr. Zumbühl and/or Leon Camenzind.


Master Project: "Edge mode velocities from tunneling spectroscopy"

We are looking for a highly motivated master student who is interested in working on low temperature quantum transport experiments. The goal of those experiments is to utilize a new spectroscopy technique developed in our group with the aim to obtain the velocities of edge states in cleaved edge overgrown samples. For further information please refer to the following pdf document or contact Prof. Dr. Zumbühl and/or Taras Patlatiuk.


Post-Doctoral Fellow / Ph. D. Position

We are looking for outstanding and highly motivated graduate students and/or postdoctoral fellows who would like to work on low temperature quantum transport experiments in semiconductor or graphene nanostructures. Possible projects include experiments on 

  • electron spin-qubits in coupled lateral quantum dots for solid state quantum computing
  • spin-orbit coupling in GaAs quantum wells and nanostructures such as wires and dots 
  • nuclear spin helix in GaAs 1D quantum wires and GaAs 2D quantum wells 
  • graphene nanoribbon quantum transport experiments
  • microkelvin temperature in nanoscale samples for quantum transport experiments
  • non-Abelian states in the fractional quantum Hall effect

See also the group's publications for recent recent and ongoing projects. 

Ph. D. Candidates need to hold a masters (or equivalent) degree, preferably in physics or a closely related discipline. Some prior experience in (experimental) condensed matter physics would be helpful. German language proficiency is not necessary. Graduate students are expected to work in a team together with postdoctoral fellows as well as graduate and undergraduate students.

Post-doc Candidates should have a Ph. D. in experimental physics or a closely related field and need a strong background in at least some of the following areas: mesoscopic physics and experiments, device nanofabrication, millikelvin experiments, low noise electronic measurements, microwave and fast pulse techniques, experiment control and data acquisition. German language proficiency is not necessary. Post-docs are working in a team and help advise students. 
As a part of a continuing academic education, both graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in our Department are participating in various teaching activities, primarily during the semester (about one day per week effort during semesters). 
Starting date 2016. Post-doctoral assignment: 2-3 years. Ph. D. duration: 4 years.

The Department of Physics in Basel offers a highly stimulating and collaborative environment with several active and internationally recognized research groups in both experimental and theoretical condensed matter physics. The experimental groups are jointly running excellent clean room facilities which we continue to develop and extend to meet our changing nanofabrication needs. Further, an outstanding electronics workshop and a superb machine shop are operated by our Department. Our group is part of 

the Basel QC2 Center for Quantum Computing and Quantum Coherence,
the Swiss Nanoscience Institute
the NCCR Quantum Science and Technology - NCCR QSIT of the Swiss NSF,
and the Harvard NSEC Nanoscale Science end Engineering Center. 

To apply, please email Dominik Zumbühl the following documents:

  1. a curriculum vitae, including publication list (if available) and names/contacts of referees 
  2. a thesis (Masters, or PhD thesis) 
  3. applicants for the Ph. D. position: detailed (scanned, pdf) Master and Bachelor degree grades
  4. A description of interests and skills might be helpful.

Please contact Dominik Zumbühl with any questions.


Contact Information

Department of Physics, University of Basel
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VAT Number: 401312

There are two secretaries, who know the group  and can help you:

Phone: +41 (0)61 207 3688