Quantum Coherence Lab

Zumbühl Group


Two new manuscripts on arXiv, on Quantum-Dot Orbital-Spectroscopy with In-Plane Magnetic Fields!

Semiconductor spin qubits are leading candidates for quantum computation. Despite impressive progress over two decades, a tool to characterize the orbitals hosting the spin is lacking. Here, we demonstrate a spectroscopy method for quasi-2D dots. Using magnetic fields with various strengths and orientations in the 2D plane, we extract the full 3D shape and orientation of the quantum orbitals of a single spin with sub-nm precision. The shorter paper, arXiv:1804.00162, demonstrates how the spectroscopy is performed in an experiment and how the orbitals can be determined. The longer submission, arXiv:1804:00128, contains the in-depth theoretical analysis of the principles which are at the heart of the new method.