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On arXiv: Edge State Wave Functions from Tunneling Spectroscopy

We use the lowest five modes of a quantum wire to probe adjacent quantum Hall edge state in tunneling spectroscopy. We self-consistently solve the Poisson-Schrödinger equations to simulate the spectroscopy, reproducing the experiment in great detail, thus establishing a powerful technique to probe edge state wave functions. https://arxiv.org/abs/2002.05301

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TOPSQUAD kick-off meeting in Twente!

Kick-off meeting TOPSQUAD FET open TOpologically Protected & Scalable QUAntum bits, at the University of Twente from where it is coordinated, with partners Uni Basel, TU Eindhoven and IST Austria, plus spin-offs https://baspi.ch and https://nanophab.com. Great to work on topological Ge/Si and hut wires!!

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Simon Svab joins groups as PhD student!!

With a MSc from our group and a BSc in Nanosciences from the University of Basel, Simon Svab is starting his PhD thesis on the TOPSQUAD FET project on topological states in Ge/Si nanowires. Welcome back to the group, and looking forward to work with you!

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Big week for spin-off Basel Precision Instruments GmbH: shipping out 40 preamps!

After Davide, Sascha and Michael completed, tested and characterized a set of preamps, packing and shipping 40 units to customers around the world is taking place this week! Exciting to ship these instruments on time, for customers to do great science with them! The picture shows Davide and Sascha holding the box with 16 preamps for Canada!

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Prof. Attila Geresdi, Chalmers University, starts EMP access on on-chip Indium demagnetization cooling

Prof. Attila Geresdi, Chalmers University, Sweden, is starting a user access project on the Basel node of the European Microkelvin Platform (EMP). The project is to push the frontier of on-and-off-chip cooling Coulomb blockade thermometers to microkelvin temperatures, comparing Indium and Copper as refrigerants. 

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