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New on arXiv: Characterization of Hydrogen Plasma Defined Graphene Edges

We investigate the quality of remote hydrogen plasma defined graphene edges by Raman spectroscopy, atomic resolution AFM and low temperature electronic transport measurements. While on graphite substrate, the edges seem to be nearly perfect zigzag termination, for graphene on hBN, we find the edge consists of about 40% zigzag and about 60% armchair-30 degree segments, while overall running in the zigzag direction. Hence, further optimization of the hydrogen plasma etching technique is required to obtain higher quality zigzag graphene edges.

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Group's spin-off Basel Precision Instruments GmbH at APS Boston exhibit!

First major exhibition where https://baspi.ch was putting it's instruments on display. Laboratory electronics: low noise. high resolution. ultimate stability. Swiss precision. Low-noise 24 bit DAC, low-noise high-stability current and voltage preamplifiers. It was really great to experience the overwhelming amount of interest it created! We need to produce quite a lot of instruments to meet demand!

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APS March meeting in Boston with 6 talks and 1 poster from the group

This years March meeting featured talks by Leon Camenzind (QD orbitals B-spectroscopy), Kris Cerveny (Tempated InAs Nanowires), Taras Patlatiuk (Edge state wave functions), Christian Scheller (NIS subgap states), Dominik Zumbuhl (Microkelvin Nanoelectronics), and collaborator Natalia Ares (Oxford University, Tuning QDs by machine learning) plus a poster by Floris Braakman (Ge/Si nanowire QDs).

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PhD Defense of Taras Patlatiuk

Taras Patlatiuk successfully defended his PhD thesis "Tunneling Spectroscopy of the Quantum Hall edge states using GaAs Quantum Wires" today with summa cum laude, with Prof. Hadar Steinberg, University of Jerusalem, as coreferee , Prof. Amir Yacoby, Harvard University, as expert, and Prof. Daniel Loss as chair. Congratulations, Taras, on a great thesis, and thanks very much for all the work!

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Two PRBs published on orbital and g-factor effects!

Our Tokyo RIKEN - Basel collaboration has published two papers in Phys. Rev. B. on the orbital and g-factor effects of a strong in-plane magnetic field on gate-defined quantum dots.
Phys. Rev. B 99, 085308 (Feb 22, 2019)
Phys. Rev. B 98,195314 (Nov 27, 2018)

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